In September 2020, a 25th Circuit judge declared in his order that Christopher Dunn is innocent, but stopped short of releasing him because of the legal precedent established by the case Lincoln v. Cassady (2016). In that ruling, the Western District Court of Appeals decided that Missouri prisoners who prove their freestanding innocence cannot be released—unless they are on death row.

To keep an innocent man in prison is one of the worst injustices that can be committed against a human being; it is a wrongful and horrific act. How can the release of an innocent prisoner depend on whether he was sentenced to life in prison or to death? How is it that a prisoner sentenced to death can be freed but the one that received a lower sentence should be kept in prison until he dies? This is not just a monstrous act, but also an insanity.

After talking to many people about Chris Dunn’s case and about the MANY (an estimated 46,000 to 230,000 people in the USA) other cases in which men and women have been framed and wrongly convicted in the United States, I found out that an extremely small percentage of people are aware of this injustice. 

When I put myself in the shoes of Chris Dunn’s wife (Kira Dunn), I realize the state of Missouri is not just slowly murdering Chris Dunn, but his wife too. If I was Kira, or the spouse of one of the thousands of wrongfully incarcerated people in the USA, and I was to listen to any politician speak about freedom on the 4th of July, while my husband sits in jail after being declared innocent, because of a ridiculous law, I would feel like if I was being stabbed right through the heart.

Sometimes people say they don’t want to pay attention to the tragedies in the world because they can’t do anything about it. In the case of wrongful incarceration in the United States, I believe any American citizen not only can do something but has a duty to do something about it.

We must remember that life is temporary. Therefore, the purpose of life, if it is to have any value when we die, is not just to be happy but to grow in spirit by expanding our empathy and compassion.

What happened to Chris Dunn, and to Kira Dunn, and to hundreds of thousand other people in the USA could happened to any one of us. But it shouldn’t have to happen to us, for it to matter to us.

You can begin to help by signing the petition, sharing the petition, and educating people about Chris Dunn’s case and the epidemic of injustice in the American criminal justice system.

Anais Yeager


 “Selfishness v. selflessness.”  Most people operate on a lower consciousness, their thinking and feeling mostly driven by their ego. It is our human nature to become involved in matters of social injustice when it involves our loved ones.

Empathy is being able to step into someone else’s shoes and feel their oppression, pain and suffering.

Fasting can help us to understand the depth of the spiritual teachings about true empathy. Without food or water, a person will know what it is like to suffer hunger pains.

Many times after learning about a great injustice, it only takes seconds or minutes to move on with our lives and our ambitions and desires throughout the day simply forgetting the plight of others, but imagine if it were you.

Regarding innocent prisoners, some will say, “that is sad, or what can I really do, or just pray,” but if this were your child, it would be different, would it not?

If you are neutral in the face of injustice, you are supporting oppression; silence makes one more than absent, silence makes you part of a nothingness, non-existing in relation to others.

Silence, in this way, brings about a process of dehumanization, becoming jaded and desensitized; and no matter what religious or spiritual beliefs and faiths we subscribe to, we must remember, our faith without works are dead.

These innocent people, 10s of thousands, certainly must pray everyday, and every night.

So to where do those prayers go?

They are adrift in the ether, awaiting to be heard; it is not God who simply decides to open the doors to free the prisoners and do miracles, it is us who must choose to do them.

Our “will” and “free will” is precious, but it also makes us accountable.

“Give and you will receive” is beyond gifts and possessions, it is “give and you will receive” unto your own spiritual and soul development.

Ask what you can do, not just for yourself, but for others who are oppressed, and only then shall you be set free.

For it is actually ourselves who are in prison in this world if we cannot feel a profound sense of duty for others and extend ourselves; we all hold the keys. Billy

Meet the organizers:

Billy and Anais Yeager are concerned about the injustices in the world and today’s most serious issues such as starvation, sex trafficking, innocent people being imprisoned, child labor, torture, mass media and corporate mind control, human impact on the environment, and the U.S.’s refusal to sign the Mine Ban Treaty.

Their desire and commitment to using their talents as musicians, filmmakers, activists and humanitarians to make a difference in the world was produced into a documentary film called The Film That Changed The World.

The film won Most Inspirational movie award at the Red Dirt International Film Festival in 2015.


“Artists are sometimes the prophets of our age. While Billy can certainly be unorthodox at times, so has every true prophet been as they challenge the thinking of their age. God is working in, through and as each one of us to get humanity to wake up. It’s about time, and Billy and Anais are playing a part in that wake up call.” – Minister Tim Lytle / Unity Church Hawaii 

Jesus mindy truth
Credit: The Film That Changed The World

The Film That Changed The World certainly changed me, which is saying a lot. As a filmmaker and film-buff who has seen thousands of films, there just aren’t many in-existence that make you think, challenge your perceptions, or change you in some new positive way. This film fulfills all of those things and more.

This is more than a documentary – it’s a Movement. The Transcendentalist Film genre is the most important use of the technology we have at our disposal, for it makes us acutely-aware of the needs of others around us and the joys to be had in the Now. Most people simply aren’t aware of this power, or of such a type of film.” – Damon Blalack / Founder and Director of the Red Dirt International Film Festival.

mindy 5
Credit: The Film That Changed The World

As activists, the Yeagers believe that we are not free to help those in need, or not, as we please; that it is our duty as individuals to rise towards our highest ideals and purpose. The music video “Wake Up People” reveals this.


After the segments from CNN and Inside Edition were featured on live television, many people from around the world were inspired by the Yeagers’ message and became supporters of their Jom Revolution movement.


Skip Conover

Journalist Skip Conover was impressed with the Yeagers’ piano protest and wrote about it:

“William and Anais Yeager are two brilliant filmmakers that effectively produced one of the best publicity stunts ever, winning millions of dollars worth of free publicity from CNN and others. CNN produced a 2.5-minute report that might have cost the Yeagers up to $100,000 if they had produced it themselves, complete with helicopter aerial shots. The CNN report even contains a mention of their independent film called “Jesus of Malibu: The Revolution for the Freedom of the Mind.” That piano on a sandbar will now forever be an archetypal symbol for the Yeagers’ movie and top publicity stunts of all time.”

Billy Yeager and his wife were transported over 500 miles to Tallahassee where NYC Inside Edition producers were waiting for the Yeagers statement.

Billy spoke on live TV:

“The dilapidated piano is a reflection of today’s society, I see people living in their prisons, they just conform to the status quo, they are being controlled by the media, pop culture, politics and corporations; all the while, injustice prevails, and nobody is making the changes that I feel we need to make to make us free from this slavedom. I see the degenerate condition of society, the apathy and lethargy of people that have turned into nothing but unconscious consumers, and we are consumed by greed; these corporations have turned us into subservient slaves while we support them.

The JOM Revolution is a wake-up call to humanity.” – Billy Yeager

“There are infinite possibilities to free our minds, but not without confronting and exposing injustice first.

The piano is here to remind us that there is a war within our minds, that we can choose to seek truth, or remain being amused to death.

The JOM Revolution for the freedom of the mind is a wake up call to humanity.” – Anais

In 2016 the Yeagers began a campaign to raise awareness and raised money to provide wheelchairs to landmine victims. There are over 200 million people worldwide who still don’t own a wheelchair.

The Yeagers’ concerts raise money to provide help to landmine victims, wildlife rescue organizations, but for the past 2 years, Billy and Anais have devoted themselves to learning about the criminal justice system (speaking with people such as Darryl Burton from Miracle of Innocence, Kate Germond from Centurion, and people from The Innocence Project) and trying to find out how to accomplish what seems to be impossible and would take a miracle to achieve.